I'm publisher and i want create a new place in the field

You need to add the url of your domain when you create a new place. For exemple you need to add : https://yourdomain.com or https://yourdomain.com/

Earnings are paid in Vexa, what is Vexa?

Vexa is payment system that use his own digital currency called Vexa. Vexa currency can be buy or sell at naxamoney.com. Find more informations about Vexa here : https://vexa.site

What is min withdraw amount?

Actually it's 50 Vexa (current Vexa rate is 0.10$ per Vexa) that mean around 5$. This amount can be less if the Vexa rate up.

What is the delay for withdraw?

We paid between 1st and 5th days of each month all users that request a paid out.

In how many time deposit are processed?

If all informations are correct less than 24h.

All websites are accepted?

Yes all legal website are accepted.